The Doomsday Refreshment Committee
and friends
Vietnam + Thailand Tour  -  1970 / 1971

The Doomsday Refreshment Committee was a Southern California rock & roll band that "volunteered" to entertain US and allied military forces throughout Vietnam in 1970.  Skip was just out of the US Army and was at a New Years (1970) party where he encountered his old band-mates Pete and Ken (a Vietnam vet) who were both looking for a band change.  Intense rehearsal began in the 1st week of 1970 and within a couple of weeks, we had a steady bar gig.  The chance to do the Vietnam tour came one afternoon after Ken had discovered an LA Times newspaper ad looking for "all girl bands for overseas travel".  Ken made the phone call and we quickly assembled our "girl" section by enlisting Ken's wife Ginger and her sister Margie Kane who were both very hot dancers.  Our keyboard player and vocalist, Pete Parker, could not make the tour so we enlisted the aid of our old friend, Steve Hyde.  By the end of March, we were stepping off of a 707 in Saigon.  We discovered and 'enlisted' our bass player, Sammi, as well as our featured female vocalist, Gerri Iris Bryant (also from Southern California) soon afterward.

"Doomsday" was sub-contracted with with the Commercial Entertainment Branch of the US Army Vietnam (USARV) Special Services.  Unlike USO shows that were "escorted", we were essentially on our own for meals, lodging, transportation, etc.  Since we were Americans and especially since we had the ladies with us, there did not seem to be anything that we could not get and we certainly were never without company.  One of the big problems we did encounter was the occasional GI we would meet who would go AWOL and follow us as we toured.  We spent many hours convincing them to return to their units.  We played shows from just short of the DMZ in the north to Soc Trang way down south in the Delta.  We traveled by every imaginable means of transportation, performed at some of the most unlikely venues, and had the pleasure of performing for thousands of US, Australian, and Vietnamese military and civilians.  We could not have found better, more enthusiastic audiences anywhere on earth.  The time we all spent among the men and women who served in Vietnam will be cherished always.

After many months of constant touring within Vietnam, we arrived at the same conclusion most of the GI's had already come to - "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" - at least for a while.  We left Vietnam in October and traveled to Bangkok, Thailand where we were the first act to play the new, just opening, night club "The Tug".  We were soon joined by guitar player and singer, Terry Thaddeus and spent many months playing 7 nights a week.  We were thrilled by the occasional visit by GI's we had met in Vietnam who were in Bangkok for R&R.

The Doomsday Refreshment Committee band members were:

Gerri Iris Bryant vocals - joined us in Saigon in early 1970 from another show
             that was leaving Vietnam

Steve Hyde keyboards & vocals

Ken Johnston
    Ken's Page
guitar & vocals - US Army 1966-1967 - Vietnam combat veteran
                         with the 199th LIB, 4th Infantry Division

Ginger Kane Johnston
9/21/1951 - 12/27/2000
dancer & vocals - wife of Ken Johnston, sister of Margie

Margie Kane
1947 - 1999
dancer & vocals - sister of Ginger

Skip Metheny drums - US Army veteran 1967-1969 all of 1969 in Thailand
            with the 40th MP BN, USARSUPTHAI

Sammi Govindas
bass - joined us in Saigon - of Indian heritage, resident
          of Vietnam, with a French passport (!)

Peter Parker keyboards & vocals - original keyboard player and singer - prior
                                to Vietnam tour

Terry Thaddeus
10/15/1947 - 5/12/2003
guitar & vocals - joined us in Bangkok

Steve, Sammi . . . . . where are you?

Questions?  skip@skipmetheny.com