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A b o u t    t h e    B e a r s

Lew Gelfond - Fiddle    Lew has been playing the fiddle since long before the cows came home.  He is a solo performer of old time fiddle and banjo music.  He plays swing, ragtime, Celtic, gypsy, country, Klezmer, tangos and other traditional music.  Lew performs at schools, concerts, workshops and festivals and has been a Violin, viola and fiddle teacher for over 20 years.

Mark Langner - Guitar   Mark got started playing keyboards and guitar in a garage rock band in high school. In college, he played coffeehouses as part of a duo which did an eclectic mix of music ranging from Merle Haggard to Grateful Dead to Frank Zappa. Mark's current interest is in swing and jazz, which colors most things the Bears do. Mark is also a certified hypnotherapist, and builds acoustic archtop guitars in an effort to add to the total amount of beauty in the world. Quote: "hiking in the mountains here feeds my soul".

John Culp - Mandolin, Banjo, Bodhran   John got his first real guitar on his 16th birthday and has been picki’n strings ever since. Since meeting his bride and favorite caller, Barbara Groh, and becoming submerged in the contra community, he has concentrated on mandolin and tenor banjo.  If he’s not playing for a dance, you might spot John running the soundboard or even dancing. In addition to playing for festivals and other dances, John is also a general partner of the Asheville Contradance, which produces the Asheville Summer Soirée dance weekend.

Skip Metheny - Bass   Skip began playing drums in his early teens with various R&R bands. Skip was a founding member of the show band "The Doomsday Refreshment Committee" which toured Vietnam entertaining US and allied military folks during the psychedelic era and later became the house band in a Bangkok nightclub.  After moving to Asheville, Skip became an avid contra dancer and has been playing drums and bass for contra and swing music events at various festivals, dance weekends, and other events around the Southeast since 1997.

P a s t   M e m b e r s

Daniel Sivalia is a founding Bear member and has been playing the fiddle for over 28 years.  His musical interests include old time, jazz, swing and Celtic which become very apparent in the Bear's tunes.  He divides his time between playing music and building / restoring violins and other stringed instruments in his shop located in downtown Asheville, NC.  Dan also plays a mean harmonica.

For additional information and bookings, contact John Culp

For Asheville NC Regional Dance Information, visit www.oldfarmersball.com